How to fix Legends of Tomorrow


I really want to love this show, I do. I love Arrow. I love The Flash. And I desperately want to love Legends of Tomorrow. It’s not that the episodes are bad, per say, its just the overall story is lacking something. The majority of viewers seemed to mostly dislike “Marooned”(the space pirates episode) and my first go round,I felt the same. It had nothing to do with the overall plot and seemed sort of slapped in the middle of the action. Also being the follow up to “Star City 2046”, which brought us Old Man Oliver and a new version of the Green Arrow (hint: Diggle will have another child at some point), “Marooned” seemed like a fail. I recently re-watched the episode and determined that it may have been one of my favorites this season, due to the fact that it is one of the only episodes to deal with character development. This episode showcases just how far apart Mick Rory and Leonard Snart have become. It strengthens relationships across the board while decimating what was the most important one going in. Now we have a story! And this got me thinking… what exactly is the problem with this show and why is it not as good as Arrow or Flash? There are several characters that we already have an established relationship with taking up residence on the screen so why does it feel flat? I have some thoughts on how they should move forward.

Rip Hunter: The Captain of the Wave Rider, head of the Team. He’s the driving force behind the story. He’s on a mission to rescue his wife and son from being murdered. Ok. That’s great and noble and all, but why do I care? I don’t know his wife or son. I haven’t had much time to get to know Rip and he’s not connected to any one I currently care about so why should I, or the team for that matter, be invested in his great plot to save his wife? “Marooned” gave us a glimpse into his relationship with his wife and their “great love” but again, tell me why I should care about saving them? They make an interesting comment in “Marooned” about the Time Masters going by fake names to hide their true identities and keep their ancestors safe. Now, this may be something coming in future episodes, BUT Rip needs to be someone significant. He has to be tied to someone in this universe that we already care about. He’s a Queen, Allen, Lance, Snart, Palmer, Stein… SOMETHING. Something that makes me give a crap about whether he or his family lives or dies. Rip has already lied to the Team about his motivations and their significance; now there needs to be a greater story arch that’s going to carry us for seasons to come.

Kendra/Chay-Ara: Hawkgirl. My first issue with this character is her casting. Ciara Renee is awesome but she doesn’t look like an ancient Egyptian Priestess. She’s too “modern” looking, if that makes any sense. That’s a personal opinion, but that aside I still have issues with this character. She’s introduced on The Flash as a love interest for Cisco and then seconds later we find out she has some long lost soul mate that is reborn with her time and time again. Ok. They rush her transformation from Barista to Hawkgirl and throw all of this backstory at us and her in one fell swoop. There was so much story to be told in regards to Kendra remembering her past lives, remembering Carter, and becoming Hawkgirl. But no, they kill off Carter and have her remember everything in record time. AND THEN, mere weeks (has it even been weeks) after Carter dies, you know the soul mate that she re-finds every lifetime, she’s making out with Ray Palmer??? So Kendra has had 3 love interests in what, 8-10 episodes?

Leonard Snart/Captain Cold & Mick Rory/Heat Wave: Besides the fact that Snart is the best character on the whole show, his relationship with Rory is also the only established, intriguing one and now Rory is “missing”. I don’t know what’s happening in regards to this Prison Break reunion season and Wentwork and Dominick’s availability, but I certainly hope it doesn’t affect Wentworth’s status on this show because quite frankly, there is no show without Snart. I don’t mind Rory being off screen for a bit, because he doesn’t gel with the team and I need the team to gel in some manner on their own before throwing wrenches into it. The team is still being established and Rory presents such turmoil that maybe he needs to sit out a few episodes, and I’m ok with that. But he MUST return in some capacity, at some point. Snart’s arch of sometimes villain turned anti-hero is the most intriguing  one on the show and I hope it continues.

Sara Lance/White Canary: I don’t have much to say about Sara as I feel she is the 2nd best character on the whole show. She has an established relationship with the audience (no matter how annoying or hokey her return from the dead was) and she’s a legacy character. She’s connected to the Arrow-verse and bares a significance to the overall DC Universe as it exists on The CW. I enjoy her budding friendship with Snart and think she has the most chemistry with everyone.

Ray Palmer/The Atom: I LOVED Ray on Arrow. What the hell happened? He was never this annoying? Was he? Maybe his quirky annoyingness was balanced by Felicity and so I didn’t notice it? So then someone needs to balance him. Like Stein? Not Kendra. There is absolutely zero existing chemistry between those 2, not to mention I still feel Kendra should be having a time over everything thats happened to her and not be kissing Palmer. We already have a quirky genius, Martin Stein, 2 is 1 too many. Maybe Ray needs to go back to Arrow? Or head over to The Flash and build things with Cisco. I’m just not sure this character works.

Martin Stein/Jax/Firestorm: I like Martin. I loved him on The Flash. I like Jax. I liked Ronnie better as the other half of Firestorm, but I like the youth and diversity Jax adds to the cast. Also, the loss of Ronnie gives Martin a unique perspective of always trying to protect Jax from the same fate. Martin is the quirky, dorky, scientist and I love him which is why I guess I find Ray to be sort of the odd man out in the equation.

Vandal Savage: So. Ok he’s the big bad of the season, that’s cool, we need one of those. So he’s evil and wants to destroy the world (?) and keeps killing Kendra and Carter to keep his immortality going. There’s a lot to swallow in his backstory, and its entirely based on Kendra and Carter. The love triangle of all ages, so it would seem, except 1/3 of said triangle is dead currently. Maybe because we know so very little about Kendra I find it difficult to connect to this overall story arch.

What happens now?: IF I WROTE THE SHOW- Build us up to a big show down in the finale with Savage in which Kendra dies. The mission fails. Maybe Ray takes one for the team and dies too. Sorry Ray. Having been defeated, the team is ready to throw in the towel completely and go back to their respective lives in 2016. Rip decides to drop some knowledge on his team. He reveals that in the near future, they and their friends will all become members of the Justice League which will, for generations, protect the world. The Time Masters are an organization that was created by the Justice League to protect time and protect the ancestors of the original Justice League because without them, the world dies. Their mission this whole time has really been to protect themselves and their friends and family from demise, in turn, saving the world. We can get a tease to Rip’s true identity when we see he is in possession of Green Lantern’s ring. Is he a bad guy? Is he a descendant of Hal Jordan (whom I believe should be introduced as a recurring character on Arrow) or is he someone else completely different? The final scene is the team traveling into the future to get the newly reborn Kendra and Carter and recruit them to join the team. End season. Season 2 can give us up to the mid-season finale to vanquish Vandal Savage once and for all. The team now being solidified in the mission, can embark on more fun and exciting adventure with different bad guys from the comics.







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