Game of Thrones: S3 E4 “And Now His Watch Is Ended”

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While this episode had the most epic ending of the series yet…there was also many other key moments culminating in, “And Now His Watch Is Ended”.

Jaime Lannister & Brienne of Tarth: They’re on the road again with the Bolton men, only this time Jaime’s hand is hanging around his neck, a decoration of sorts. He is weak from the amputation and falls from his horse. The men continue to torture him, when he asks for water they give him horse urine, They continue to tantalize him, kicking him around in the mud like a bunch of 6th graders before finally putting him back on the horse and moving on. They make camp and Brienne tries to get a depressed Jaime to eat. She mentions that her family’s isle isn’t really wealthy, its called that because of how blue the water is, why did Jaime help her? He doesn’t respond, but he does eat.

Brandon Stark & The Reeds: Bran is having another dream about the one-eyed crow only this time Jojen is encouraging him to go after it. He climbs up a tree and falls, where Catelyn is waiting to chastise him for climbing again. 

Tyrion Lannister & Varys: Back at King’s Landing, Tyrion is visiting with Varys who has just received some mail in the form of a large wooden crate. When Tyrion inquires to the contents, Varys tells him the tale of how he became an Eunuch. He was drugged and mutilated by a man who then used some dark magic to burn his genitals. He heard a voice in the flames and he still hears it to this day. He hates magic and all who use it, he worked his way up the small council so he could one day have his revenge. He opens the crate and reveals the sorcerer who mutilated him. After recovering from the shock of the man with his mouth sewn shut, Tyrion gets to the purpose for his visit. He wants proof that Cersei ordered him killed on the battlefield. Varys assures Tyrion that he will have the revenge he seeks as long as he is able to wait for it… and stomach it. Later on Varys is visited by Ros who tells him that Littlefinger has two feather beds on his ship, he is planning to steal Sansa away with him.

Samwell Tarly and The Knight’s Watch: Sam is chatting up Gilly who returns his thimble gift from last season. She begs him to find a way to save her son. Meanwhile, the Knight’s Watch are grumbling and complaining about having to do work for Craster, who can blame them, the man’s despicable. Later on, there’s a campfire and some more grumbling. Thing’s get heated when one of the men calls Craster a bastard, his mother was a Wildling, his father a Knight’s Watch member who left him. Insults are thrown back and forth, all of which result in Craster being murdered as well as the Lord Commander (sad). Sam grabs Gilly and makes a run for it.

Joffrey Baratheon & Margaery Tyrell: Joff is showing Marg around the Sept of Baelor, their church and future wedding locale. She is feigning interest while Cersei and Lady Olenna drag behind, attempting conversation. Marg convinces Joff to go outside and greet the people, they are calling for her but she convinces him that they really want to see their King. They step outside into the sunlight, Cersei recoils, clearly Marg is beginning to upstage her.

Theon Greyjoy: The mysterious savior is leading Theon to his sister while he waxes on about how he could never be a Stark. Finally he whines that he murdered the orphan boys living with the farmer so he could keep Winterfell and make his father proud… he realizes that his real father lost his head at King’s Landing, “I made a choice, and I chose wrong, and now I’ve burned everything down”… you want to feel bad for him but uhhh not really. The mysterious boy ends up leading Theon right back to the dungeon from whence he came! It was all a trick to get him to confess the real truth.

Tywin Lannister: Cersei waits patiently or not while Tywin is writing something. She wants to know what her father is doing to get Jaime back, but we all know that’s just her excuse for the visit. She starts talking about Margery manipulating Joffrey… Tywin shoots back that he wishes Cersei knew how to manipulate him. He tells her, “I don’t distrust you because you’re a woman. I distrust you because you’re not as smart as you think”- who else loves watching Cersei get verbally bitch slapped by her papa??? Cersei tasks her father with trying to stop Joff, to which Tywin replies with an icy cold, “I will”.

Sansa Stark: She is the most dim witted of the entire Stark clan….so much so that I routinely want to jump through the screen and shake the shizz out of her. Varys and Lady Olenna have a little chat about Littlefinger’s plan to steal Sansa away. Varys fears that Littlefinger has the ability to gain control of the North, he would see the country burn is he could be king of the ashes. They hatch a plot… Margaery (at Lady Olenna’s prompting) pays a visit to a praying Sansa and casually suggests that she marry her brother Loras, then they could be sisters. Sansa is over the moon about the idea… clearly she hasn’t heard the rumors…

Arya Stark: Still hanging with the Brotherhood Without Banners, they have entered a cave where the Hound is making fun of their cave-dwellings. We meet their leader, Beric Dondarrion, he worships the Lord of Light, is trying to hunt down The Hound’s brother. The Hound removes his hood and tells them they’ve got the wrong brother. Arya accuses The Hound of murdering the butcher’s boy and Beric decides he will get a trial by combat.

Danerys Targaryen: The moment Dany becomes the best character on the show->

Dany saunters into the square to collect her army and deliver the dragon. Kraznys is going on and on about sending back men to Astapor to be trained and telling her how to command her new army. She presents Drogon on a chain leash which Kraznys snatches from her and hands her the golden whip (this controls the unsullied). She asks him, “Is it done, then?” to which he replies, in Valyrian, “The bitch has her army”. Dany gives this menacing look and I am entirely convinced that my prediction she wouldn’t be just handing this dragon over is completely true. She turns and walks down the steps, very stiffly. Kraznys is struggling with the dragon and all is very quiet. Dany looks at her troops and addresses them… IN VALYRIAN!! As soon as she starts speaking, the translator has the OMG face on around the same time the audience is thinking, HOLY SHIT SHE KNEW EVERY WORD HE WAS SAYING THE WHOLE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She tests her troops by making them take two steps, then she turns on Kraznys. “A dragon is not a slave” she says as she commands The Unsullied to kill the slave-masters and set the slaves free, do not harm the children. Just as Kraznys orders her to be attacked, Dany turns and says “Dracarys,” Drogon burns Kraznys to a crisp!

A quick jump to after The Unsullied have destroyed Astapor, Dany mounts her white horse and again addresses her men. She asks them to join her as free men, whoever wants to go is free to do so. They all stomp their spears as a symbol that they’re with her. Dany marches her army out of Astapor. Epic.

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