Dallas: S2 E14 “Guilt By Association” & E15 “Legacies”

TNT Dallas Ep 215 Legacies, Photo: Van Redin, Dallas, TX

The season finale of Dallas was a well executed, emotional wrap up to the season’s big mystery… Who Killed J.R.? And all the final pieces of J.R.’s Masterpiece were put in place. Each moment, meticulously put into place, to reveal all final secrets and schemes…

“Guilt by Association” opens with John Ross and Pamela on her father’s jet, on their way back from their Vegas nuptials. Cliff gives her a ring to tell her to get home so they can enjoy their victory together; she tells him she’s meeting with a casino in Vegas and will be home soon. Pamela is fretting a bit about their future and John Ross assures her that they will face any and all problems together. When he checks the flight plan to see how much longer they will be in the air, he comes across the plane’s history. The plane was in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico the night that J.R. died. John Ross calls Bobby who calls Bum, “its time to put the plan in motion”

Once they arrive back at Southfork, John Ross is ready to call the cops, but Bobby and Pamela tell him they have to wait, there isn’t sufficient evidence and they don’t want to Cliff to know they’re on to him.

Elena, now in Zurich, gets a call from her mother who is worried about Drew. Elena calls him to check in and try to convince him to go to Mexico. He refuses, he’s got to find Roy…he’s also spraying some kind of solution on the pink pumps… Christopher arrives just as she hangs up and says his investigator gave him an address for his mother, the home is owned by a plastic surgeon, Dr David Gordon. Elena worries about Christopher confronting his mother and he says all he cares about is her shares of Barnes Global, she’s not his mother.

After some successful detective work on Bum’s end, Ken Richards is found in the Cayman Islands, where Sue Ellen pays him a visit. She demands the evidence of the governor’s involvement in the TESHA cover-up. Ken says he cannot give it to her, the governor knows about a report he buried for his son’s company that was polluting the river. Sue Ellen pulls a J.R. on him and says basically, if he doesn’t help her, she’ll be the one exposing Ken’s cover-up.

Dr David Gordon refuses to let Christopher in the house and insists that Pam isn’t there. There’s a noise upstairs and Chris shoves the Dr aside and runs up this very pretty circular staircase. He bum rushes into the kitchen to find a woman, who has clearly had plastic surgery, but alas she is not Pam. Hmm who could she be? Dr Gordon tells Chris that Pam doesn’t want to see him. After the accident, Cliff found her in Houston and asked her to come back to Dallas with him to Bobby and Christopher and she refused. That part of her life was over and she wanted nothing to do with the Barnes/Ewing fued, so she married Dr Gordon and left. Poor Christopher.  He returns to the hotel to tell Elena what happened. His eyes are misting as he fought back tears, my heart really broke for him here. Elena swears they are not leaving Zurich until he confronts his mother.

Emma agrees to go to rehab. Ann and Bobby pick her up from jail and plan on bringing her to rehab on Monday… yeah? really? Usually you take addicts straight to the facility… but then we wouldn’t be privy to Emma’s part in the story. 

Pamela doesn’t want to believe that her father is a cold blooded killer, yes he murdered her babies, but he didn’t know she was on the rig…right? Bobby brings Rhonda back in so he can show her a photo of Cliff. She identifies Cliff as being at the club that night and he was staring down her and J.R. the whole time. John Ross’s angry switch gets flipped on. Bobby takes John Ross into his office, which has now become the scheming room, and assures him that he does believe Cliff was the killer but since Sheriff Derrick has no jurisdiction in Mexico he cannot arrest him. What about Carlos? There still isn’t enough evidence, but if they could somehow get Cliff to Mexico. John Ross wants the gun that J.R. left him, he’s putting Cliff in the ground. Bobby reminds John Ross of the letter from J.R…. they take what they want from Cliff and then Bobby will know what to do. The need control of Barnes Global. I loved this scene so much, I love Bobby and John Ross together. It calls back to the old show and how close Uncle and nephew were.

Elena is in the shower… she and Christopher must be super clean because one of them is always bathing… he sees something sticking out of her bag and finds a shady looking cell phone. It must be sinister because it’s not a smart phone. He calls the last number on the call list and Drew picks up, “Drew?” (he promptly smashes the phone- oh well no more communicado with Eleni). Christopher confronts her, he is PISSED! She tries to explain, its her brother, he’s trying to find Roy, blah, blah, blah… Christopher is having none of it! I loved this scene! Perfect, sweet, judgmental Elena who’s always got something to say about everyone else, is caught LYING!!!!!! Christopher storms out and tells her she better be gone when he returns. TAKE THAT!

The action really picks up now… Emma is angry about being weaned off her pills, Christopher won’t take Elena’s calls, Sue Ellen pays a visit to the governor, showing him her copy of the initial TESHA report. Sue Ellen pours a drink, everyone groans because she’s still drinking. It’s not for her, it’s for the governor, he’s going to need it. She explains all about screwing over Ken Richards and they talk eminent domain. Drew goes into a bar and asks about Roy, he asks her to call his motel room if Roy shows up. Drew is clearly setting Roy up because the second he walks out the door, she calls Roy to tell him where Drew is staying.

Emma shows up at Harris’ bags in tow, asking to come home. He welcomes her with open arms and tells her they’ll get a withdrawal expert to get her right with her meds again. He really is easily manipulated by the women in his life, huh?

Bobby gives John Ross a replica of J.R.’s belt buckle, the one that was missing from his body in Mexico. They need Pamela to help plant it on Cliff. He tells Pamela that they may not be able to prove his part in the explosion, but this will bring justice. She agrees, though I’m still wary of her loyalty to the Ewings.

Back to Drew- Roy pulls up to the motel and heads to Drew’s room. Drew plants the pink pump, which is dissolving into cocaine (huh?), in the back of Roy’s truck. Then a helmeted man takes off on Drew’s motorcycle and Roy gives chase. The cops pull them over and as Roy is trying to explain that a fugitive is on the bike, the man pulls off his helmet to reveal some blonde-haired Asian guy. Drew got the drop on you, Roy! The cops arrest Roy when they see the cocaine in the back seat.

Sue Ellen shares the good news with Bobby who simultaneously receives a call from Drew. He tells him Roy has been arrested and that the shoes Harris was transporting were made from a high impact pressure molded cocaine… ahhhh so the shoes ARE the cocaine, interesting, I’ve never heard of this in my life. Bobby reminded Drew that he still needs to turn himself in…yeahhhh… click.

Elena takes the super jet back to Dallas and is crying to her mother (there is WAY too much Carmen in this episode for me. I can’t stand her, or Elena. But you know how much new writers love characters they created… Cidre and the crew are obsessed with this horrible family.)

John Ross and Pamela head over to the bank to put the belt buckle in Cliff’s safety deposit box, apparently Pamela has a key to it. Really? I find this a bit of a stretch, especially considering that they find…

Christopher gets a call that his mother is heading to the bank to clear out her account. He races over there and in a slow-mo scene, he grabs the woman in the hat…it’s the lady from the kitchen. WHAT IS GOING ON?!

CREDITS! End Hour 1- what in the… sigh…

John Ross and Pamela find…Pam’s death certificate in there. Yup, kids, the mystery is over…Pam is indeed dead…since 1989 apparently. (More on this in a moment)

Harris discovers Emma rifling through his office and she says she’s looking for pills, in her best, “I’m still 12” voice. He understands, he’ll get her some pills to take. Really? Harris, are you THIS STUPID?????????

Dr Gordon tells Christopher that Pam came to him after the accident, 60% of her body was burned and she didn’t want to return to Dallas for fear of frightening her little boy. They go through extensive surgeries to repair her and then she found out she had pancreatic cancer. She desperately wanted to get better so she could see Christopher again, so he brought her to Abu Dhabi for an experimental treatment. Sadly, it didn’t work and she died. When Cliff found out that Pam’s shares of Barnes Global would go to Christopher, he sought out Dr Gordon and the woman who had been Pam’s nurse (kitchen lady). He asks them to keep Pam’s death a secret so that he could control her shares; in exchange, Cliff supported them all these years. The nurse hands over Pam’s will to Christopher as well as a letter she wrote to him. Heart-broken. I have never wanted to reach into the screen and give Christopher a hug until this very moment. His mother never abandoned him, she wanted to be with him, she loved him. But EVIL CLIFF kept it a secret that she died. So for 24 years, this man allowed his nephew to believe his mother just didn’t want to be bothered. Nice.

Roy wouldn’t turn on Harris or Cliff, but he does recognize Pamela, when she, Bobby, and John Ross pay him a jailhouse visit. (Cliff and Harris meet to chat about Roy. As soon as Harris gets out of the car, Cliff calls someone to kill Roy.) Pamela visits Roy on her own and plays on his weakness as a father and grandfather. She just wants to know if Cliff knew she was on the rig. He tells her to have other children and forget about her father, there was nothing unintentional about that explosion. This is the moment when Pamela becomes a Ewing. She finally knows that her father was well aware, she and her babies were on that rig, and he did it anyway. Poor Roy gets stabbed while on the phone with his son moments later.

Harris swears to Emma he had nothing to do with Roy’s death and she says she doesn’t care. With Drew and Roy out of the picture, they can’t hurt her Daddy anymore. (Harris is still buying this routine?)

Christopher comes home, will in hand and John Ross hands over the death certificate. (Bobby and Sue Ellen are here too, Annie isn’t in the “in” crowd) Pamela says now they own 2/3rds of Barnes Global. Huh? John Ross tells them he and Pamela are married, “Surprise” he says awkwardly (I loved the way he did this, soo cute). Sue Ellen was excited (really?) but upset she wasn’t there. Christopher congratulates them.

J.R.’s Masterplan revealed: Bobby pulls out the gun which Pamela immediately recognizes as belonging to her father. (Pause: this is Texas. Everyone owns like 50 handguns, really she recognizes this one? anyway.) Bobby says this was the gun that killed J.R. Bum explains that J.R. had caught wind that Cliff followed him to Mexico and he was worried. He called Bum, but by the time he got there, J.R. was already dying. J.R. told Bum that Cliff was using the cartel to cover his tracks and to call Carlos. Carlos bought the gun back from the cartel. (Really? I was disappointed… that’s it. It was really Cliff that killed J.R.? I refused to believe it…there’s more to the story, there’s still a 1/2 hour of episode left.) John Ross is upset they didn’t clue him in sooner, but Bobby says he needed to be patient and he knew John Ross wouldn’t be able to do that. Pamela offers to lure her father to Mexico. She calls Daddy and tells him Frank was working on a casino deal in Mexico before he died, would he accompany her to settle the deal. He’s excited, “talk about dancing on J.R.’s grave”.

Over at Casa Ryland (oh yeah there’s still that story), Emma drugs her father; while he’s passed out, she opens the safe, takes out his ledger containing all of his drug cartel transactions and she also takes a big black briefcase. She takes it straight to Ann, who in turn gives it to Sheriff Derrick (Wow, did Emma come up with that all by herself? Impressed). A montage of Harris being arrested and J.R.’s body being exhumed, removing the bullets from his body plays out. (A lot of people were confused as to why this didn’t happen before. Remember, he was killed in Mexico and the body was taken to the US. They ruled the shooting a random mugging so no, the Mexican police did not run ballistics on the bullets, or remove them from his body.)

Pamela plants the gun in the trunk of Cliff’s car before they board the plane. In Mexico, a woman calls their hotel room to warn Cliff that the police had just been there, Pamela hangs up on her and disconnects the phone. There’s a knock on the door and in walks Bobby, Christopher, John Ross, and Sue Ellen. Cliff is confused… Christopher tells Cliff he knows about his mother and is now 1/3 owner of Barnes Global, Pamela shares the good news about her new husband. Bobby tells him about the gun and he swears that gun was stolen weeks before J.R.’s death and that he was in Cabo, someone moved his plane. We know Cliff is evil and a liar, but I absolutely believed him. Cliff was so convincing I began to believe that my original theory on “who killed J.R.” was true…it turned out I was right. The Mexican police show up and arrest Cliff. Bobby pays him a visit and makes Cliff an offer. If he will admit to sabotaging the rig and partnering with Harris, he’d help him and get him out of Mexican jail. Cliff isn’t willing to trade Mexican jail for American jail, nor has he ever done anything a Ewing told him to do. Bobby gets up to leave and Cliff asks who really killed J.R…. Bobby’s response, “you’ll never know” WHAT!!!!! Confirmation. 

Back at Southfork, Bobby and Bum visit the cemetery.John Ross and Christopher surprise them…they’re not buying Bobby’s story about Cliff either… they want the REAL truth. They want to know what J.R.’s letter said…

“Bobby, Doctors say I’ve only got a few days left. Damn cancer. I should have told you earlier, but you know how I detest pity. The feud Digger Barnes started with our family caused more heartbreak than either of us has time to recount. Well, I guess you do have the time. Use it. Put an end to this feud, once and for all.

“I had Bum steal Cliff’s gun. That malignant little troll Barnes comes to Mexico every year for a marlin fishing competition. I’m going to damn well stay alive long enough to be here when he arrives. Carlos del Sol will smooth out the rough edges in Mexico for you. And talk to Bum. He’s the final and most important piece of the puzzle. And the best friend I didn’t deserve to have.

“So remember the time that you got grounded for ‘borrowing’ Daddy’s favorite shotgun? You swore up and down it wasn’t you but Daddy said there was no point in lying because he found those extra shells in your room. Well, we both know it was me who planted those shells. Now it’s time to play that card again.

Bobby got choked up and couldn’t finish reading (I am sobbing at this point). Christopher takes it and reads the rest.

“I can never make up for all the terrible, hurtful things I did to you, Bobby. And I have no excuses either one of us will believe. But I hope in the quiet place in your heart, where the truth lives, that my jealousy – as powerful as it was – was nothing compared to my love for you. Goodbye, baby brother. I guess I’ll be duck hunting with Daddy. I’ll tell him I was the one who borrowed his gun.”

Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly be crying anymore, Josh Henderson hit it out of the park once again as his John Ross asks, “I’m sorry, I’m confused. Who shot my father, Uncle Bobby?” (Cry, cry, cry!) Bum sullenly looks up, tears in his eyes, “I shot your father, John Ross”. We are then privy to a flashback of Bum walking into the room, we see J.R. one final time as he puts the phone down and bang! Bum tells them that J.R.’s final act was one of love for his family, mostly for John Ross. “The only person that could take down J.R. was J.R” John Ross laments and holds his hand out to Bum. SOBBING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would like to mention that the night J.R. died on screen, those were my exact words, J.R. is the only acceptable person that could kill J.R.

Bobby hands John Ross the letter and they leave him alone at the grave, “Thank you, Daddy, for watching over us. I love you.” I thought this was the end and it would have been perfect, but there was still 15 minutes left… what more could happen!

Elena finds out that the oil on her father’s land was never able to be drilled, he died for nothing. Oh good, does that mean that awful story is over??? As she’s telling her mother the upsetting news, a letter is delivered to her from Cliff Barnes lawyers, they were land records for her father’s land and a piece of land owned by J.R. Cliff wants to see her, huh???

Emma visits her father in jail, basically to let him know that she is exactly the daughter he raised. Ann is there also and he asks if she’s enjoying this… Ann didn’t do much this episode, but this line was great- “Actually, I’m not, Harris because I’m not a sick, sadistic prick like you are”.

Christopher is sipping a Miller Light (the product placement on this show is soooo annoying) while reading the letter from his mother. Pamela walks up and Chris asks if she’s all moved in…she isn’t, but she didn’t want to go back to her place just yet. She’s looking forward to a new life with John Ross. Christopher is happy for her and wishes her well. This was a nice scene between these 2 characters who seem to have come full circle in their relationship. Pamela reminds him that he always loved Elena and he should forgive her, not be angry like her father. Who knew Pamela would become a favorite character! Julie Gonzalo is such gold!

Elena visits Cliff who tells her that J.R. paid someone to switch the deeds so that Elena’s father would get J.R.’s worthless land and J.R. would get the land with all the oil. Ok… I don’t really understand this… isn’t the land part of Southfork? Ms Ellie’s Southfork? So they expanded… if J.R. owned that piece of property than why couldn’t they drill on it before? I’m hoping this is further explained next season because it really doesn’t make any sense to me. J.R. never owned Southfork and supposedly that land that they drilled from was part of Southfork. Sigh, anyway, Cliff wants her to be his proxy for Barnes Global and for her to make the Ewings pay for the sins against the Ramos family. This is even more stupid because it was J.R. that did it and he’s dead… Bobby, Christopher, John Ross, etc have nothing to do with it, so IF NOW Elena’s gonna be all mad at the Ewings… that’s really stupid.

A (hideously painted) portrait of J.R. is hung up at the new Ewing Global, to remind everyone that no one goes against a Ewing. A bourbon is poured and everyone gets back to work. Ann shows up and Bobby apologizes for shutting her out, but he didn’t want her to see his J.R. side! LOL! She says he’s still the best man she knows.

Sue Ellen tells John Ross to treat his bride right, he makes a scoundrel joke, GOD I LOVE Sue Ellen/John Ross scenes. He goes off to buy champagne and some roses. Christopher tries to apologize to Elena but alas, she is not there. She is at a scary looking compound in Mexico, asking for Joaquin, they grew up together. Ok… So she DID grow up in Mexico? Get this story straight please… did she grow up with the Ewing’s or not? And where the hell is her damn accent????? Any way, these big lights shine, the doors open, and several guards with machine guns appear on the roof.

John Ross arrives at a hotel room to find candles lit and panties strewn…. whoever thought Pamela was going to be there obviously doesn’t know John Ross… it was EMMA!!!!! She’s there, briefcase in hand, “looks like we hit the motherload” he says to her. “That’s gonna cost you,”, “Darlin’ trust me, I’m willing to pay the price. Just don’t tell my wife”. Sigh… John Ross is J.R.’s son…from tip to tail.

TNT Dallas Ep 214 Guild by Association, Photo: Van Redin, Dallas, TX

TNT Dallas Ep 214 - Guilt by Association, Dallas, TX,  Photo: Van Redin

TNT Dallas Ep 214 - Guilt by Association, Dallas, TX,  Photo: Van Redin


TNT Dallas Ep 214 Guild by Association, Photo: Van Redin, Dallas, TX

TNT Dallas Ep 215 Legacies, Photo: Van Redin, Dallas, TXTNT Dallas Ep 215 Legacies, Photo: Van Redin, Dallas, TX



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