Dallas: S2 E12 “A Call to Arms” & Ep 13 “Love and Family”


We got a double dose of Dallas this evening and let me tell you, it was amazing!

It kicks off with the Dream Team aka Bobby, Sue Ellen, John Ross, and Christopher confronting Governor McConaughey about Harris Ryland and Cliff Barnes. This happens right after he gives a speech about installing a pipeline right through the seized government property that houses the pump for the Southfork oil. “Coincidentally” Barnes Global is spearheading the project. McConaughey is quite haughty and seems completely unphased by the Ewing clan… he should be worried… especially after John Ross reminds him “My father took down three senators, two governors, and a vice president, and he taught me everything he knows. Your head’s gonna look real nice above my fireplace, governor.”

After the credits, Bobby is back home, trying to convince the bank to give them an extension on their loan, even though he knows its not enough time to appeal the ruling and get rid of the $1 billion fine. Plan B is to double down on J.R.’s masterpiece… Ryland’s trucks seem to be coming up clean at the border, so they’re going to try to catch him in Texas. Christopher needs to get Ellis moving on the search for Pam and John Ross needs to get his butt over to Pamela’s to convince her to be Team Ewing aka telling her Cliff is to blame for the explosion. Side note: I really wish they would have stuck with Rebecca as her name, its too confusing all this talk about Pam’s…

John Ross finds Pamela in seemingly good spirits, painting the babies room. She greets him with a kiss (? are they bf/gf now?) and he recoils. She is a bit taken back by his response to her but he admits its not about her, its about her father. He reveals that Cliff is the one responsible for the rig explosion that caused the death of the twins. Her reaction was as we all expected it would be, denial. She throws John Ross out after accusing him of only sitting with her last week in order to manipulate her later on.

Back at the Ranch, Elena wants to know why Drew is insisting she keep the secret about who beat him up and she suggests that he stay away from Emma. He, of course, runs right to Emma and asks her to run away with him… because they like each other a lot… are these 2 high schoolers? That plan backfires and she turns him down.

The Governor, Harris, and Cliff are sipping bourbons at Casa McConaughey whilst the governor tells his two cohorts that if things go down the drain for him, its gonna be BAD for them. Harris reassures the governor that the Ewings are trapped, its over. The Governor is not pleased and tells Harris to tie off any loose ends because “what the Ewings don’t pick clean, I will”. Sheesh he’s not very nice is he?

Christopher pays Ellis, the Assistant U.S. attorney, a visit about Pam. His mother’s passport expired in 1998 and was never renewed. Christopher asks about tax returns (Personally, I thought this was a stupid question. Obviously she doesn’t want to be found, why would she file taxes? But whatever) She hasn’t filed a tax return since 1989 and all the dividends from Barnes Global have been sitting in a trust account, untouched. Christopher uses the Vicente mess as a way to make Ellis feel bad and to issue him a death certificate for his mother, yesterday.

Back to that plotline no one cares very much about, Ann brings some flowers into Emma’s room and sees that her messy daughter has left some clothes out. With no malicious intent, she starts tidying up and discovers a bottle of pills. Of course, Emma walks in all accusatory. Ann asks about the night at the bar and Emma claims Sue Ellen was drunk and is just trying to deflect attention from her drinking. Emma tells her mother to discard the pills, she doesn’t take them anymore anyway.. Liar, liar, pants on fire! Emma immediately goes trolling for more pills.

Something that completely passed over me (probably because I don’t pay much attention to Elena) was the fact that she isn’t in on the secret doings of the dream team. She has no idea Christopher is looking for his mother. Bobby asks Sheriff Derrick to tail Ryland’s trucks for him and Sue Ellen still hasn’t managed to locate Ken Richards. She swung by his place and he’s gone. Bobby suggests asking Bum for help (HELLOOOOOO why isn’t Bum searching for Pam? or Ken? or anything for that matter, obviously he’s the guy to go to for these things). Ann confronts Sue Ellen about Emma’s accusations and Sue Ellen admits she had a lapse when J.R. died, but she isn’t drinking anymore, plus she isn’t helping Emma by believing her lies.

Emma, meanwhile, is off courting another gentleman to get some prescription pills. She’s short on cash so she teases him with a kiss and promises more later once the product is delivered. I was momentarily surprised she would prostitute herself for pills but then I remembered who we were talking about here.

Pamela is looking through the TESHA report when Daddy dearest shows up. He gives her some lame sob story about not being able to come to the hospital but he has a present. Annulment papers! He assures her the Ewings are going to pay for all their sins… he’s so sinister about this that Pamela is kind of concerned.

John Ross is drinking some bourbon out of his father’s signature bottle (is there more than one? I thought Sue Ellen polished that off?) and pouting over the fact that Pamela didn’t believe the one truth he actually told her. Bobby comes in and they talk about their Pamela’s. John Ross says he’s like the boy who cried wolf, and now she won’t believe him. Bobby tells a little tale about his Pammy, referring to the fact that she was always a Barnes first, and a Ewing second. When they would fight about their families, she would always take the Barnes side.

Again back to the little storyline that could… Drew finds Emma sucking face with her drug dealer, he found her some vicodin. There’s a little pissing match and then its over. Drew then harasses Emma about how many pills she costs a night (ooo) and she threatens him with a restraining order. He threatens to go to the authorities about her father’s real business if he sees her with the drug dealer again.

Sheriff Derrick thinks he’s found something when he notices that one of Ryland’s trucks veers off course. When they check it out, of course it comes up clean. Then Roy calls up Harris to let him know that they had come and yes he had switched the cargo.

It appears the bank has sold the Ewing Energies loan to Cliff Barnes, who’s calling it in. They need to come up with $200 million in the next 24 hours or Cliff will own Ewing Energies. John Ross calls up Pamela and asks why her father would want a company with a $1 billion fine and methane technology that doesn’t work…unless he knows it wasn’t faulty technology that caused the explosion.

Pamela finds her father at home with flowers and a note that reads, “we did it!”. He is so giddy about his victory and tells her that a few well-placed dollars will make the fine go away and they will make billions off Christopher’s technology… Pamela’s face falls as she realizes John Ross was right… and as if it couldn’t get any worse, Cliff puts the nail in the coffin… maybe the babies dying was a blessing in disguise because she would have been tied to the Ewings for life…Oh. My. God. Can this man be any more horrible???? Pamela excuses herself to have a super freak out in the bathroom! Later that night she goes to see John Ross, in the rain, to tell him he was right; her father would never love her as much as he hated the Ewings. John Ross scoops her up (I normally feel the chemistry between these two but that scene was a little weird, she wasn’t uncontrollably sobbing so I was confused as to why he felt it necessary to carry her?), and carries her inside. When we return to these two, they are laying, naked.. Pamela wants to hurt her father as much as he hurt her.

Cut to Mr & Ms Snoozefest who are arguing over why Christopher didn’t tell her he was trying to find Pam and why is he having her declared dead. She basically thinks he’s horrible for wanting to declare her dead, he still needs to process… process? process what? she left when he was 7? This shizz is processed. We won’t begin to mention the irony in this conversation when we get to what Elena does later… Over at Ellis’ office, he produces documents that show a Swiss bank account receiving deposits from Barnes Global that mirrors the amounts being placed in the trust fund going all the way back to 1988. The names are different, Patricia Barret, but the signature is exactly the same as Pamela Barnes (the 1st one)

After watching end credits and opening credits again, we are now on hour two. (I never understand why, if they’re going to do a 2-hour episode they don’t just go straight through the 2 hours, why must it be 2 separate episodes?)

Pamela is trying to hack into her father’s office files in an attempt to link him to the explosion on the rig. John Ross clad in one of my favorite outfits (tank top & boxers) assures her they will find something. While they’re are um celebrating their eventual victory, Cliff is telling Harris how he can’t wait to walk into Ewing Energies with his daughter on his arm. Ha!

Bobby wants a status report on all Masterplan goings on: Christopher is nervous that John Ross told Pamela about the search for Aunt Pam. She claims to have no knowledge of the bank account or that her aunt even owned 1/3 of the company and she has nothing.

Emma is still being a brat, even when Ann tries to be there for her. She eventually fills Bobby in on the situation, and Bobby is thinking I have more important things to deal with than you’re bratty daughter.

Elena gets a peek of Christopher’s file on Harris and notices the shoes. She connects it to Drew and the truck he was driving earlier in the season, you know the one that got her kicked out of Ewing Energies. She confronts him and he admits thats why he didn’t want anyone knowing it was Harris that had him beat up. In his moment of desperation, he comes clean about the bomb to his sister. She implores him to go to the cops and tell the truth; maybe if he outs Harris, The Ewings will help him. She storms off, all Elena-judgy style and he pulls out a case that has pink pumps sitting on top (um ok) and takes out one of his handguns.

Elena interrupts Ann and Bobby to tell them about Drew. By the time she, Bobby, and Christopher get back to the guest house, Drew is gone. He leaves some papers signing over his land rights and shares of their company to Elena, along with a letter of full confession (how long was she in the house?). They need him and so the search for Drew commences, APB’s and all!

John Ross gets a call about Drew while he’s at Pamela’s. Cliff shows up to take her to lunch and a hilarious scene ensues with John Ross trying to hide! It reminded me of a highschooler sneaking out of his girlfriends window! During lunch, Cliff offers Pamela a pair of Aunt Catherine’s earrings and she makes her move. She doesn’t want any heirlooms, she wants the shares of Barnes Global that Cliff inherited from Catherine. He toasts his new partner, while Bum is listening close by. Their lunch is interrupted when The Governor summons Cliff to meet with him and Harris. They’ve seen on the tv that Drew has confessed and is at a criminal at large. Cliff doesn’t seem worried… they will have Roy disappear, Drew will get blamed for the whole thing, he has motive to have a grudge against the Ewings, Christopher’s technology is redeemed and after the Ewings can’t come up with the loan, Cliff owns Ewing Energies.

Back over at Southfork, Christopher isn’t pleased when John Ross suggests that Elena may know where Drew is and isn’t telling them. Bobby is going to have the truck that was impounded when Drew got arrested searched again to see if there’s anything to tie to Harris. Emma saw Roy on tv and recognized him and went to confront her father. Now she understands what Drew was talking about when he said he would go to the Feds and take Harris down if she didn’t stop with the drugs. (After the clip of Drew on the news claiming he was 31 years old, did anyone else feel like ewww when you thought about the fact that Emma is, what? 20?). Harris convinces Emma this was all her fault… she created this when she left. Then he sends her upstairs for more pills and tells her to fetch her things from Southfork. Roy has a quickie trial and the charges were dropped because the only evidence they have is Drew’s letter and Drew is MIA.

With the Pam mystery up in the air, we are treated to a very interesting Bobby/John Ross scene. Patrick Duffy and Josh Henderson are excellent together… they have great chemistry and I like that Bobby is teetering on the line of good boy/bad boy now. Bobby tells John Ross what Bum heard about Pamela wanting her Aunt Catherine’s shares of Barnes Global. John Ross is stunned that she hasn’t told him yet and a bit skeptical. Bobby tells him, they need those. He asks John Ross is he loves Pamela… John Ross says, it isn’t about love, it’s about family now. This conversation will foreshadow a later event. They are interrupted when the police come to get Bobby and Ann because Emma has been in an accident. She’s all zonked out on pills and the cops find some in the car. Emma has some nasty words for her mother about how she got out from under Harris and Judith and Emma had to endure them for 20 years. In all fairness, Ann had no idea Emma was even alive so Ms Sassy Pants needs to calm down. Ann tells her that she will not be bailing her out, little Ms Emma will be spending the night in jail. She needs a wake up call and needs to get her ass to rehab. She also asks Derrick to make sure Emma cannot call her father.

Drew calls Elena and tells her he is going after Roy, but he needs money. Annoying Carmen begs Elena to help her brother… NOW WHO’S THE LIAR/HYPOCRITE!?!?!?! Elena lies to Christopher and tells him they’re going to church to pray for Drew (CHURCH? WOW! How horrible…she uses the Lord as her alibi).

John Ross is waiting for Pamela at home and she tells him straight away about her father giving her shares of Barnes Global…ok so she wasn’t keeping it from him, they just hadn’t connected since the conversation. John Ross gets a little hurt and throws back at her the manipulations and seducing… he needs more than her word that she won’t choose her father or herself over the Masterplan…

Carmen and Elena meet up with Drew and after Carmen does some yelling that I wasn’t paying any attention too, Elena gives him a cell phone and $5,000. He tells her to make Papi proud (who cares) and drives off on his motorcycle. Drew doesn’t hug his mother, but hugs Elena which was quite the chatter on twitter… honestly I didn’t even notice… though that may have something to do with my desire to find Carmen face down in the Ewing pool.

Christopher gets a call that someone at a bank in ZUrich thinks they saw his mother. They pull up a photo of a woman in an extremely large hat (I was waiting for a stupid- YES THAT’S HER), Bobby says he can’t recognize her A) because of the hat B) the last time he saw her was 24 years ago C) her accident left her burned and bandaged, she’s probably had plastic surgery. Christopher decides to hop the next flight to Zurich and Elena offers to go with him.

Sue Ellen shows up with bad news, she still hasn’t found Ken and no bank will loan them any money. Bobby gets a text from John Ross that says by morning Pamela’s shares will be his… Bobby knows J.R. would be loving all of this, let Cliff think he’s won, meanwhile he’s setting up his own downfall. Bobby raises a glass to a photo of J.R., “Well big brother, as you wish”. Music begins and we cut to John Ross and Pamela… in… a chapel… HOLY **** they’re getting MARRIED!!!!! He asks her if she’s doing this because she loves him or hates her father, to which she replies, “I do”. (I’m not sure how great this plan is… yes now John Ross has her shares of Barnes Global, but now she has his shares of Ewing Energies… and his half of Southfork).

Cliff is patting himself on the back as he asks Bobby for the keys to Ewing Energies. Bobby hands them over and tells him not to get too comfortable. Cliff says he wishes he could see J.R.’s face, Bobby replies, “Me too” then turns to reveal this cheshire cat grin as he walks away in slow motion. I love me some bad ass Bobby Ewing!

The finale is next monday, 2 hours and we find out… Who Killed J.R.?

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