Arrow: S1 E2 “Honor Thy Father”


For me, it’s never the first episode of a show that gets me hooked, its always the second. If you can bring me back the second week and make me want to come back for a third, than you’re golden. After this week I am officially hooked.

The episode opened with Arrow getting another member of the list to confess his crimes. The next day, it’s all over the news and Ollie takes this opportunity to make fun of himself claiming “this guy gets more airtime than the Kardashians”. Thea can’t help but comment that even after 5 years on a deserted island, he still knows who they are- “I’ve been catching up”

Oliver heads down to the courthouse to be made undead legally, which would seem to be an easy thing one woul assume; however Oliver is forced to recount the boat accident. He runs into Laurel who is at the courthouse drumming up a case against Martin Summers, a drug smuggler who will be our baddie of the week. Laurel is short with him and Oliver seems disappointed, even though last week he told her to stay away from him.

There’s some trouble at the mansion as Mrs Stone chides Ollie for always ditching his bodyguard and Thea gives him the “all you do is judge me” speech. After taking a tour of the old offices, Oliver has another snippy moment with his mother and Walter about him taking a leadership position at the company. Dig makes note that he doesn’t seem as “messed up” as he should be after spending 5 years alone on an island. This prompts Ollie to have a memory of washing ashore with his fathers dead body.

Laurel has round the clock police protection as her father suspects that Summer or the mysterious vigilante may come after her. Good thing because across town, Summer has hired Storm from X-Men- I mean China White to take Laurel out.

Oliver is undressed (swoon) at home watching the news when Thea walks in; she’s horrified by all his scars and of course, Ollie doesn’t want to talk about it. She drags him to the backyard where there are headstones for his father and him….now I need to pause for a second and address the weirdness here. These headstones are randomly hanging out in the back yard, there’s no fence or any other headstones. This would have been less creepy to me if there was say a family graveyard in the back; indicating that the Stone’s are a wealthy family that have always buried their loved ones in the family plots. This was just odd to me. Then, Thea gives what I believe was meant to be a heartfelt rendition of “oh how I missed you, why are you shutting me out, I felt closer to you when you were dead” speech. All I heard was “whine whine whine, I was left all alone in a big mansion while mommy got a new boyfriend”. Oliver is silent as she walks away, in my head he says to her “yes I’m sure that you living your privileged life without me for 5 years was the exact same suffering I went through trying to keep myself alive on a deserted island.” Before leaving Thea reminds him that he will have to let someone in eventually.

Alas it is not Thea that Ollie decides to open up to, but Laurel. He shows up at her front door with his heart in his hand and asks if he can come in. She obliges (I mean wouldn’t you?) and after some serious flirting in which he says “the whole time I was on that island I kept thinking about one thing and I promised myself if I ever made it back I’d do it with you”…. Laurel is speechless and he produces a container of ICE CREAM! This led to an adorable scene with the two of them. I particularly love how they are slowly re-building this relationship. One step forward, another step back, you know- good drama!

The ice cream date is interrupted when China White barges in with a slew of accomplices to take out Laurel. Oliver tries to protect her as much as he can without giving away his ninja skills. I love how Laurel runs to him! Thankfully, Dig isn’t far away and he fends off most of them. China gets him caught up, but Ollie successfully knocks her weapon from her hand with a kitchen knife, a feat that doesn’t go unnoticed by Dig. I’m loving this relationship too, I can see he’s going to be Ollie’s right hand man, as soon as he figures it all out.

Laurel’s father shows up and gives Oliver a reaming that, while I understand, is kind of undeserved since he did save her and all. Oliver then dons his Arrow hood and sets out for Summer. He gets his confession, but China White shows up and they engage in showcasing their ninja skills. China escapes when Det Lance shows up and Arrow produces the confession via recording arrow. All these gadgets, where does he get them? Laurel is thrilled that Summer is behind bars and she doesn’t care how he got there.

Oliver visits his fathers headstone and announces that in order to save the city, he may have to dishonor his fathers memory. He shows up to the building dedication for his father and feigns drunk exclaiming that he cannot be the prodigal son. He wants everyone to believe he’s still the same old Ollie (one step back with Laurel).

As we see Oliver crossing off another name on the list, he has a flashback to finding the book on his fathers body on the island. Inside the book is a circular symbol. Back home, Oliver’s mother gets into a mysterious car and tells mystery person that Ollie has no idea the wreck was a sabotage (WHAT!);
This lady gets more evil every week. Mysterious person also has the same circular symbol in Mr Stone’s notebook… Hmmm intrigue.

They leave us with one more memory from the island. As Ollie is mourning his father, a mysterious cloaked figure shoots him in the shoulder with an arrow!!!! Could this person have trained Ollie????? I can’t wait to see where this goes!

What did you think of the episode?


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